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05 fwee RED

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Leena Aboosally

05 fwee RED

Lesley Barrios

Very versatile! I can have a bold lip or a subtle one. It's great for almost any occasion and it compliments my skin tone! Definitely recommend it.


I purchased all of these after seeing multiple amazing reviews on youtube.
I was thinking about which color to buy, and I ended up buying all four, and I LOVE IT!
For another base, beautiful nude coral base color. Good for base lip, really goes well with all the other colors.
For SUNDAY PICNIC, maskes my face brighter.
FWEE RED (my fav), Perfect red color, the way I want it to be
And also like FLOWER SHOWER, because it didn’t feel too coolish for me as a warm-toned person!!!!!!

Best Lip Tint EVER

Rly satisfied with both of color and texture 
1. Color
A true ‘RED’ color. I was looking for a true ‘RED’ color that didn’t show up pink/orange undertones, and I’m really happy to find this ‘FWEE RED’ color!!!!!!!!! The point is, even looks attractive without makeup! Really luv it. Not that strong, but lovely bright Red Color.

2. Formula
Actually, Since I like this type of velvet formulation, I’ve used various brands. BUT, this, I've never felt like this before. ‘REAL SUEDE’ formulation as it said. It’s so soft on the lips as well and non drying for a matte. Comfortable on the lips and blends soooo well! Also doesn’t dry my lips NEVER EVER!! Just try it yourself, you'll know what it feels like. 

3. Long lasting
And another advantage of this product is its ‘long-lasting’!! What surprised me was that when I applied this product to my lips and dabbed on the tissue a little later, it barely smudged. Lasting on even in the mask, Really like it. I have absolutely 0 problems with this product, and I’ll purchase another color! + Also I really like ‘Unnamed-A’ that you gave me as a gift. Such a pretty MLBB color!! I’m looking forward to various product of FWEE 

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